Our Mission

The mission of ACE Capital Group is threefold:

  • 1) to deliver the maximum return on land investment for our customers;
  • 2) to provide the best possible compensation to our staff and sales personnel, and;
  • 3) to generate employment opportunities wherever we do business.

The mission of ACE Capital Group is reinforced by the uncompromised integrity demonstrated by each and every member of our leadership, management, sales force, customer service, and support personnel. As the founder and chairman of ACE Capital Group, Chen C. Wang has firmly pledged to uphold this code of ethics throughout the entire organization.

The mission of ACE Capital Group extends to a global outreach in an effort to inform and educate everyone regarding the efficacy of California Land Banking. Whether your need is a comfortable retirement; providing for your children’s (or grandchildren’s) college education; establishing an enduring legacy; or simply building, protecting, and enhancing personal wealth, ACE Capital Group is confident that its mission expressed through California Land Banking is well able to bring your dreams to fruition.