Parcel Details

Property Status: Available
Vicinity: 127th Street East & Pearblossom Hwy
Gross Acres: n/a
Net Acres: 0.44
Property Zoning: LCCR
Property Details:
  • Located in Pearblossom, an unincorporated community (population 2,400); City of Palmdale within 7 miles northwest
  • Land use: rural commercial zone provides for a mix of commercial uses that are compatible with rural, agricultural, or low-density residential uses; subject property’s dimensions: 285' x 67' (over 19,000 square feet)
  • Water district - Los Angeles County Waterworks District 40-24, Pearblossom
  • Road access: Pearblossom Highway (paved) - a major east-west artery that leads to City of Palmdale in the northwest; access to utilities (electricity, telephone, water, sewer) available in street; back alley access on Avenue V-9 (paved)
  • Pearblossom Hwy (section of State Route 138) is commonly used as a bypass of the Los Angeles Metropolitan region and as a route from the Antelope Valley to the Inland Empire; it also leads to Interstate-15 (east) en route to Las Vegas
  • CA Department of Transportation announced a state highway improvement project in 2018: "The project proposes to widen Route 138 (Pearblossom Highway) to 4 lanes with a median turn lane and standard width shoulders"
  • Local businesses on Pearblossom Hwy: water well service, barber shop, resale stores (resale, tropical fish, hardware), auto shops, gas stations, mini-mart, restaurants (sandwich, steak house), coffee shop, meat market, motel, post office
  • Residential neighborhoods just south of the highway; Pearblossom Elementary School in 0.5 mile southeast (Avenue W)
  • Pearblossom Park within 0.5 mile southwest; amenities include basketball court, baseball field, football field, splash pad, children’s play areas, picnic/BBQ areas, community center; it offers after-school programs, day camps, nutrition classes
  • Crystalaire Country Club within 4 miles southeast; amenities include 18-hole golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts
  • Communities of Sun Village and Littlerock (population 20,000) in 4 miles northwest; Pearblossom Hwy leads right to the town center of Littlerock before entering Palmdale city limit

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