Land Banking

What is Land Banking?

Imagine investing in a parcel of carefully researched and strategically located California land… and never having to worry about your investment. There is no stress or anxiety surrounding ACE Capital Group California land parcel investments… simply because they are safe, secure, and located in the direct path of massive population growth which ensures their inevitable appreciation and often exponential increase in value. Best of all, your land holdings will never go bankrupt or suffer the crisis and volatility of traditional investment vehicles.

Welcome to ACE Capital Group California Land Banking!

Land Banking is the proven, time-tested wealth-building strategy of acquiring premium pre-developed land located in the direct growth path of a major population center. That land is then held or “banked” for future sale or development. The concept of Land Banking is something that occurs in every major city throughout America and has been utilized by governments, major corporations, banks, trusts, developers and wealthy individuals all throughout history to build and protect wealth. Land is absolutely one of the safest investments you can make and unlike traditional real estate investments such as residential and commercial properties, land banking is largely unaffected by the volatile stock market where fortunes are lost all too often.

Our goal at ACE Capital Group is to assist our customers in capitalizing upon the proven power, safety and security of the Land Banking process in building, growing and strengthening their financial portfolios. Our purpose is to educate and enlighten as many people as possible regarding the potential for extraordinary profits that accrue from effective Land Banking executed in the direct path of massive population growth.

How It Works

When and where you acquire real estate is critical to maximizing your return. The land parcels most desirable for Land Banking are those that lie directly in the population growth path of a major metropolitan center, and must be purchased well in advance of projected use in order to ensure the land is readily available when needed. Once identified, savvy investors purchase this strategically located pre-developed land at or below current market value and then wait for the surrounding community to grow to their land. When population growth and corresponding development approaches an open parcel of pre-developed land, the value of the owner’s land to increases substantially. When adequate profit has accrued, the land owner sells their land for a very significant profit.

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The image above shows the concept of Land Banking and the population & development growth in an area before (left image) and after (right image) during a 30 year period.

Investment Solutions for...


One of the principal components of most financial plans is preparation for a comfortable retirement. We all work hard during our prime years so that in our golden years we can have a sense of safety, security, and stability while we enjoy some of the finer things in life. ACE Capital Group Land Banking provides the means to ensure a very comfortable retirement for every individual and family.

Home & Family

A family’s needs are as diverse as they are critically important to each of us, and the cost of maintaining a home and providing for a family are at an all-time high. In addition to addressing the needs of home and family, establishing a strong, safe and secure college fund for your children, or preparing for unexpected medical expenses, ACE Capital Group Land Banking provides an extremely effective tool toward ensuring that you will have the necessary financial resources to meet those needs in the manner to which you’re accustomed... and beyond.

Wealth Protection

Surrounding all considerations in building wealth and managing our financial resources effectively is the key element of protection. Far too many contemporary investment vehicles (stock market; mutual and money market funds; traditional savings; etc.) either bring very low returns or they are fraught with crisis, volatility, and unnecessary risk. ACE Capital Group Land Banking provides the time-tested power, safety, and security of California land ownership as one of the finest means to build and protect your financial future.

Enduring Legacy

One of the distinct advantages of building wealth is the opportunity to give generously to those individuals and organizations that reflect our heart and values. The ability to establish an enduring legacy which positively impacts both our loved ones and others is one of the key dividends of building wealth. ACE Capital Group Land Banking provides a clear pathway to building an enduring legacy.