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Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Announces Job Growth In Palmdale

Article posted on 01/05/2019

With multiple recent contract wins, Lockheed Martin continues to fuel high-tech jobs in Southern California at its Aeronautics Skunk Works® facility in Palmdale, California. This growth is driving long-term innovation and making an economic impact in the state.

Recently, the Skunk Works® and the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development partnered to ensure job growth and innovation in the community for years to come through a package that fuels a competitive business environment. This package enables additional engineering and manufacturing development jobs, provides the justification needed for Lockheed Martin to invest $100 million in new facilities in Southern California and continues high-tech revitalization by ensuring a competitive position to bring future work to the region.

“Skunk Works® employs more than 2,500 residents of Southern California and continues to be a leader in developing advanced technologies and building the pipeline of future talent that contribute to our economy and community,” said Jack O’Banion, vice president of Business Development, Lockheed Martin. “Our partnership with the state ensures new aircraft development jobs for California, driving aviation innovation and preserving California’s national and global leadership in the aerospace industry.”

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