Land Banking 101

Our ACE Capital Group Land Banking opportunity is not a complex, cumbersome, risk-filled investment strategy. Rather, Land Banking is a proven, safe, secure, and time-tested investment vehicle that has been creating great wealth for countless individuals over thousands of years. As a matter of fact, the accumulation of wealth through land ownership has literally defined human economic history. Land has always been a primary source of wealth production, with the control of land always translating into the control of wealth. The process of purchasing and holding land for a wide variety of economic, political, and value-based reasons is firmly embraced by government entities and major corporations around the world. Both state and local governments practice Land Banking in order to secure key locations for schools in expanding neighborhoods, in addition to supporting economic development initiatives in the surrounding areas and establishing designated “open space” reserves. As corporations watch changing demographic patterns and where people are migrating, they will literally “bank” land for future stores and distribution centers. Throughout the country and world, environmental conservation organizations work to acquire vast land holdings as a strategy for securing natural habitats. Individuals of means have always acquired land as part of their financial portfolios. This type of “consumer” Land Banking is a critical part of asset allocation and diversification in the vast majority of savvy investment portfolios. ACE Capital Group works with individuals to support their own wealth development strategy and access the power of Land Banking. As already described, consumer Land Banking is accomplished with the acquisition of carefully researched and selected pre-developed land in the direct growth path surrounding a major metropolitan area. Accurate projections of population growth within and surrounding a major metropolitan can be derived from government and private studies of demographic and population patterns. Based upon studies of economic, social, and demographic patterns, we are able to accurately determine the prime locations for truly effective and profitable Land Banking. ACE Capital Group has carefully studied specific locations around the United States, as we have chosen to focus upon a 60 mile radius surrounding the ever-expanding megalopolis of Los Angeles. The United States holds some of the strongest individual property rights in the world, and California’s limitations on property tax increases (via Proposition 13) create a measurably stable environment for land investments. The Los Angeles metropolitan area is the largest and most densely populated in the country, and has provided a sustained increase in general population growth over the past four decades. Our ongoing analysis clearly shows that the North Los Angeles County / Antelope Valley areas meet or exceed the requisite criterion for ideal Land Banking. ACE Capital Group has isolated ten key criteria / indicators which point to Antelope Valley as the “clear edge of development” with proven sustained property value increases over the past 20+ years. Quite simply, California’s Antelope Valley is an excellent location for Land Banking. Simply speaking, Land Banking is the strategy of acquiring carefully researched and selected land at or below current market rates and located in the direct path of population growth surrounding a major metropolitan area. The land is then held for a period of time (3, 5, or 7 years or more) while its value matures, and once the value of the land has matured, it is then sold to developers and/or other interested parties for a very significant profit. The process of purchasing parcels of land and ensuring that the title is free and clear of all encumbrances can often be a challenging, time-consuming, and costly process for the untrained individual investor. When you add in all of the various realtor and property fees, the final price of your land purchase may actually exceed the current market value. As an institutional investor, ACE Capital Group has the power, time, and financial resources to secure the right property at the right price. Our Land Banking Specialists have developed both the skills and business relationships that are necessary to ensure our customers of the best-priced land parcels available today. Whether your goal is a comfortable retirement; providing for your children’s or grandchildren’s college education; preserving your home and family in the manner which you desire; ensuring adequate funds beyond insurance for emergency and/or long-term medical care; supplying extra resources for travel and leisure activities; establishing an enduring legacy; or simply building, protecting, and enhancing your personal wealth, ACE Capital Group Land Banking is the solution!